2 weeks before Sochi Russia has a new women’s head coach: Vladimir Korolkevich!


Wolfgang Pichler has a boss in Russia? Alexander Selifonov head coach of Russian team has named as head coach of women’s team Vladimir Korolkevich.

Alexander Selifonov, explaining his decision said :

“In the spring, when I was invited to the team, we talked with the leadership that my main task is to control two different groups of training and the combination of these during the preparatory period.

This work has been requested until December, while we still have the separation and rotation between the teams. But since January, the team performs as a single team, and I want to stress that during the 3 World Cups stages in January Vladimir Korolkevich cope with the duties of a senior coach – he has good contact with our girls, he feels the team to make informed decisions.

That’s why I proposed that the powers of senior women’s team coach to be assigned to Vladimir Korolkevich.”

In my opinion this is the end for Wolfgang Pichler who stays as 2nd to Korolkevich and most probably leaves Russia after Sochi. Already has been discussions in Sweden in order to go back in the team as assistant. 

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