Goodbye Vincent Jay.. you were a great athlete!

Vincent Jay announced on his blog his decision to retire from Biathlon and to stop his sports career after 9 years full of successes and medals! before reading his text we would like to say Farewell Vincent you were a great athlete!

I have decided….

I decided to end my career as a top athlete. My decision may surprise when the World Cup season has just started, I’m Olympic champion and that in a year, I dreamed of my title back into play in Sochi. This was a difficult decision to make.

We do not abandon what was the thread of my life as a child, teenager and young adult, without a twinge of heart and soul. I returned the problem in all directions, day and night. I thought, analyzed, weighed carefully the pros and cons.Today: I know. This is the only and the best outcome for the beautiful years of practice biathlon at the highest level do not become an ordeal.

In February 2010, I managed the dream of a sporting life. I became Olympic champion,  the Grail ran after since I was a kid and my parents put on skis in Les Menuires. I liked the biathlon competition and passion and energy, involvement and motivation that I put myself have to be exact to the appointment that I set myself.For many months, I pinned Trail Map Vancouver the wall of my room, and every morning, I looked to better soak in me. I won the most beautiful medals, the most coveted. One that will remain forever in my heart and that of the public. Which has always refused to some great champions in the history of world sport. This is a chance, an opportunity, an honor …

It is also an experience that I was not prepared. When we started the sport is to have fun and to win. Not for the fame and pressure. I felt a unique experience in Vancouver. I found myself caught up in a whirlwind incredible.Be Olympic champion, is to enter another world and have with a shot thirty million friends. The eyes of others, even of some of your family is no longer the same. You are considered differently. We want to see you, talk to you, touch you. You are invited to a kick in places you never thought one day access …

I painfully experienced this change in status and ask me what was sustainable on a cloud tons weighed on my shoulders biathletes. However, I was seriously hard to drive aware not burn my wings, determined to succeed the hard part: this blow confirm that a life was not worth a day. Two years before the Olympics already, I almost quit my career because I did not want to hang on the second page ranking sheets. At the time, I changed skis, found the recipe to resume my progress and this had resulted in 2009 in my first World Cup victory and a year later, the Olympic medal.

This time, I’m no longer capable. For three years, I worked hard, harder perhaps many biathletes in the world circuit. I am struggling to find a level worthy of an Olympic champion. Today, I realize that this is no longer possible, I let go. Read more Why? For whom? To give the image of an Olympic champion to drift away from the world’s best and ambitions of victory?Of course, I could cling to the prospect of renewing the thread of my Olympic story in Sochi.But I know that sportingly, I top off the mark.

I quit my career as the biathlon is always the sport that I love and this love story can not end in bitterness.I am 27 years old. Some say it’s too soon, too young. I know this is the time and I do not regret it. Before me, there are other targets, other issues, other objectives.I have already laid the foundation of my life and after I imagine full of exciting challenges in the world of business, sport, the public life of my valley.

I have a thought for all those who helped me achieve my career champion. My family, friends, coaches who taught me the values of sport, my comrades, men and women, the France team, my partners who understood and supported my decision and all the fans, anonymous or known I felt at my side even in difficult times.

I am proud of my career, proud to be part of this wonderful team of France up to the podium every week.I did not leave. I just step aside. I am one of his forever. Come on, smile … Life is good when you have the chance to experience such a wonderful adventure.Close your eyes … We February 14, 2010. In the air of Vancouver up the French flag … This is the image that should be kept there in your heart …

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