Miriam Gossner in Playboy’s super sexy photos!

Miriam Gossner

Pictures of Playboy issue which has exclusive XXX photos of Miriam Gossner circulating in the web. Here we are giving you the cover photo only. For more phtos you can see on

her fans twitter account

or you can see a video with age restriction though

My opinion is that Miriam will shake biathlon!

4 thoughts on “Miriam Gossner in Playboy’s super sexy photos!

  1. She is a beautiful girl without any alterations – why did they feel any need to photoshop her into oblivion? The photo I am seeing here isn’t the real Miriam it is a computer-generated impression of her.

  2. It’s not only photoshpped. just makeup is able to make almost anyone admirable. she’s my crush and of course i’d like to see her natural with all drawbacks any girl nextdoor has. though she’s not the one. and I am permitted to see only things she’s agreeing to show.

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