Tank Biathlon!!! A really heavy version of Biathlon!


Yes it’s true.. can you imagine tanks running an 8-10 km heavy road full of obstacles and then targeting for 3 shots (in various distance’s range between 1500- 1800 m) and if failed to run 500m penalty loop?

Russian army have decided to organize such biathlon as part of Military training according to ITAR TASS news agency  and the responsible people in Russian were excited about this idea for tank personnel.

We regard the competitions to be a new method of training the troops and one of the ways to check the skills of tank men required for fulfilling combat tasks in conditions of modern warfare. The route is 8-10 kilometers long. It is equipped with obstacles and a shooting sector as well as with a 500-meter penalty loop.

Can you imagine of CISM world cup with Tank Biathlon?

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